Leeds Bradford Airport Drop Off get dropped off for free

by Holly Lavender

Leeds Bradford Airport drop off

Leeds Bradford Airport drop off will take passengers 3-4 minutes to walk to the terminal. Be aware that this walk is on an incline (hard work with a suitcase). The walkway is through the mid stay car park.

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Leeds Bradford Airport Drop off Map

Leeds Bradford Airport Drop Off Charges

0-10 minutes£6.00£12.00£15.00
10-20 minutes£8.00£14.00£17.00
20-30 minutes£11.00£17.00£20.00
30-60 minutes£14.00£21.00£25.00
Each subsequent hour or part thereof£14.00£21.00£25.00
Leeds Bradford Airport Drop Off Charges

Re-entry within 1 hour of exiting the car park will incur a minimum charge of £54, which will provide up to 1 day of parking.

The car park operates on a ticketless system where you can pay with cash, card or Apple Pay. The change will be given if you decide to pay with cash. Receipts are also available on request when you exit.

Electric Cars

If you have an electric car can use the pick up and drop off car park for up to 1 hour free of charge. You will need to let the team know when you exit that you are driving a fully electric vehicle by pressing the intercom on the exit barrier.

Do you have to pay to drop off at Leeds Bradford airport

Yes, you do need to pay for Leeds Bradford Airport drop off however, there is a free one hour parking to drop passengers off.

Leeds Bradford Airport Parking

leeds bradford airport drop off parking map
Leeds Bradford Airport Parking Map

Leeds Bradford Airport Short Stay Parking

Leeds Bradford Airport Short Stay Parking offers free cancellation for up to 24 hours prior to arrival. It is always cheaper to pre book your space.

Leeds Bradford Airport Short Stay Parking Charges

0-60 minutes£13.00
1-2 hours£17.00
2-3 hours£20.00
3-4 hours£30.00
4 hours – up to 1 day£69.00
2 days£109.00
Each subsequent day or part thereof£40.00 per day
Leeds Bradford Airport short stay parking charges

Leeds Bradford Airport Postcode

LS19 7TU

Leeds Bradford Airport Arrivals

You can check out the latest Leeds Bradford Airport Arrivals here.

Walking distance from the car parks to the terminal

  • Leeds Bradford Long Stay Car Park- 7-9 minutes walk
  • Leeds Bradford Mid Stay Car Park- 3-4 minutes walk / 340 metres
  • Leeds Bradford Short Stay Car Park – 3 minutes walk / 220 metres
  • Leeds Bradford Premium Short Stay Car Park – 1-2 minutes walk
  • Leeds Bradford Pick Up & Drop Off – 2 minutes walk / 100 metres
  • Car Hire – 10-15 minutes walk

Blue Badge Holders Car Park at Leeds Bradford Airport

Blue badge bays are available at Leeds Bradford however you will receive no discount on parking. It would be the same price as above.

Leeds Bradford Airport Free Parking

There is only one hour of free parking at Leeds Bradford Airport. This is solely for dropping off and picking up passengers.

You can prebook your parking at Leeds Bradford airport here where you can get free cancellation 24 hours upon arrival.

Leeds Bradford Airport Free Drop Off

One hour free parking at Leeds Bradford Airport

You can park at Leeds Bradford Airport for free for up to one hour. The postcode and map are below.

Directions to the One Hour Free car park

Follow the signs from Whitehouse Lane to the One Hour Free car park. As you enter the approach road, stay in the right-hand lane and continue right after the barrier.

Leeds Bradford Airport Postcode for free drop off

Leeds Bradford Airport drop off car park postcode is LS19 7UE. See our parking map below.

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