5 reasons why you should visit World’s Biggest Primark Birmingham

by Holly Lavender

Biggest Primark in the World

The world’s biggest Primark is situated in Birmingham, UK and is part of the bullring complex. It is super easy to find (as it has 5 floors) and has everything you need in the store including toilets, a cafe, a Disney cafe, a beauty studio, and even a barber. In February 2022 Primark Birmingham opened Greggs into their store where you can even purchase PrimarkxGreggs merchandise. This place is a shopaholic’s dream especially if you love Primark (like myself). To see what it is like inside Primark Birmingham click here.

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Worlds Biggest Primark Birmingham Address

Primark Opening Times Birmingham

Day of the WeekHours
Saturday8:00 – 21:00
Sunday10:30 – 17:00
Monday8:00 – 21:00
Tuesday8:00 – 21:00
Wednesday8:00 – 21:00
Thursday8:00 – 21:00
Friday8:00 – 21:00
Taken from Primark website

What Is In the World Biggest Primark Birmingham?

  • Disney Cafe
  • Primark Cafe
  • Greggs
  • Beauty Studio
  • Fragrance Shop
  • Custom Lab T-Shirt Printing
  • Barbers
  • Toilets

5 Reasons why you should visit worlds largest Primark Birmingham

1) It has everything you need in the store

From toilets to cafes to even beauty treatments this Primark has it all. There is even a barber on the -2 floor, I guess you never know when you need a haircut.

2) Greggs Primark

Need I say more, so your doing your average Primark shop and spot Greggs and end up eating a sausage roll while you are shopping (don’t worry we’ve all been there) you don’t even have to venture into the cold high street to get a snack.
To have a look inside check out my TikTok of Greggs in Primark.

3) 5 Floors of Primark

If you want something from Primark there is a good chance this Primark has it. Primark Birmingham is pretty large so allow plenty of time to wander around.

4) Disney Cafe

Honestly, this was my main reason for going. I mean I love Disney and I love Primark what more could I ask for? Top tip: For the added Disney magic you can get some mickey shaped pancakes (They are on the kid’s menu but I won’t tell) they taste so good and are worth it too. Check out this video to see the Disney cafe in Primark Birmingham.

5) Beauty Studio Primark

In need of an eyebrow threading or lash tint? You can just head to Primark Birmingham. I would check out the treatments beforehand as you may need to book.

Useful Information about Primark Birmingham

As Primark Birmingham is the largest Primark in the world it can get extremely busy. The last time I went it was a Wednesday and I went in around lunchtime, it was heaving with people and not the most pleasant shopping experience. I did get rather claustrophobic and did not spend a lot of time in there.

Also to mention this Primark is incredibly hot. To avoid this I suggest going as soon as it opens or close to when it closes (it does close at 9 pm most days). The first time I went I went at 8 pm and although there were people in there I could actually look around and didn’t have a long time to wait in the queue to pay.

The cafes are tiny. If you want to eat in peak times you may have to wait for a table. I suggest eating off-peak not only so you can get a table and also so you don’t have to wait long for food – bonus! In particular, the Disney cafe got so busy around the 1 pm time – understandably as that is lunchtime. You can even bring your unpurchased items in-store so you can carry on shopping after you’ve eaten.

When is best to visit Primark Birmingham

I would suggest Christmas time, why? the Christmas markets of course. Primark is situated on Birmingham high street and on the high street you can buy street food and other Christmasy products. This is a perfect way to tie in your Primark trip as you get to see the Christmas markets too.

Hotels near Primark Birmingham

When I went to Birmingham I stayed at the EasyHotel super close to Birmingham’s new street train station and about a 10-minute walk to the world’s biggest Primark. This is a super basic room with a bed and ensuite. If you book in advance it will only cost you £35 per night.

I hope you have enjoyed reading if you want to see what’s new in Primark check out my TikTok account I upload daily and feature a lot of Primark’s items.

For information about Primark Birmingham click here.

What else is there to do in Birmingham?

  • Check out the other shops on the high street.
  • Have a coffee in Tim Horton. Tim Horton is an canadian brand that is slowly coming to the UK. FYI their maple hot chocolate is so good! Especially in the winter time.
  • See the botanical gardens.
  • Go to the national sea life centre.
  • Go to Cadbury World. (there is a ride during your experience and I personally loved it).
  • Visit the library of Birmingham. This library is huge! I did some work there and checked out the vast number of books they have.
  • Visit the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

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