Airplane on the tarmac
Airplane on the tarmac

5 Reliable Recommended Ways To Get To Stansted Airport From London

Getting to Stansted Airport, how do I get there? Here are the best ways to get to Stansted Airport from London and visa versa.

How to get to to Stansted Airport from London.

Getting to Stansted Airport from London and visa versa. and visa versa is super easy and here’s how.
1) Get the Stansted Express/National Rail Train
2) Get the Airport Bus
3) Drive and park at the mid/long stay car park
4) The Express Set Down – get dropped off right outside the terminal at a price!
5) Get dropped off/picked up for free!

Stansted Airport to London Train

Stansted Express/National Rail
Tip: To book I would look at Trainline and National Rail and the Stansted Express to compare prices. There can be a difference depending on the time/day.
– It takes just 47 minutes to get from London Liverpool Street (zone 1) straight to Stansted Airport and vice versa. There are also trains to London Victoria but they take slightly longer.
– Trains come every 15 minutes on weekdays.
– One-way tickets are from £9.70 and go up to £30pp.
When I looked, it was cheaper the further in advance you book. Also, it is cheaper to buy a return than two singles. The beauty of the Stansted express and national rail is there are no luggage restrictions.

London to Stansted Airport Bus

Airport Bus Express LTD/National Express:
A cheaper alternative to the Stansted express is either the airport bus express ltd or the national express. When I looked both came up with the same price of £7 one way and there was no return option.
This is a 1hr 20min journey but if you are on a budget and have some spare time, this is a great option. However, there is a baggage allowance of two suitcases per person that weigh no more than 20kg and one piece of hand luggage. You can pay for extra luggage if you need it but personally, I think this is plenty.

Stansted Airport Drop Off

Stansted Airport Express Set Down

The express set down at Stansted Airport is just a short minute walk to the terminal but at a cost!
It costs a whopping £7 for ten minutes!
If you stay between 10-15 minutes you are charged an additional £1 per minute. If you stay for over 15 minutes they will charge you £25!
You even get a £20 fine for re-entering the Express Set Down area within 30 minutes of first entering.


Stansted Airport Parking

Always pre-book, on the day parking prices are expensive. Long stay car parks are the cheapest so I would start looking there.

I hope this has been helpful and thanks for reading the best way to get to Stansted airport from London.

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