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My Ski Equipment

What You Really Need To Pack for Contiki Ski Austria

I vlogged my whole week of Contiki Ski Austria, check it out here 🙂

What you really need to pack for Contiki Ski Austria. Is it your first time skiing and you have no idea what to bring? Or have you been skiing before but are unsure if you need to bring other items? I will be sharing with you all the equipment you need to buy or pack for Contiki Ski Tours Austria.

This is the exact trip that I did: Contiki Austria Ski Plus. If you wanted to go for a longer or shorter time, this is also possible on the Contiki Website.

If it is your first time skiing, you can hire your clothing (ie jacket and ski pants) as well as your equipment for a bit more money.

Pack for Contiki Ski Austria: Ski Equipment For €65

  • Skis/Snowboard
  • Ski Poles
  • Ski Boots

The Essential Ski Wear

  • Ski Jacket
  • Ski Pants x 2 (I would highly advise bringing 2 so you can alternate)
  • Helmet (can hire for €13)
  • Ski Goggles (highly advise bringing your own as they are pricey at the resort)
  • Buff/Neck Scarf – to keep your neck warm
  • Thermals – bottoms and tops. I only used mine for paragliding as I found it quite warm on the slopes. If it is cold I would bring 6 pairs one for everyday.
  • Ski Socks x 6 – make sure they are ski socks, they have extra padding for your ski boots and are longer so they don’t rub.
  • Snow Boots/Waterproof Boots – super easy to remove and put ski boots on, however these are not necessary. Normal trainers are fine.
  • Sports Bras x 6 – try to avoid cotton as it doesn’t dry very well.

I brought a woollen hat but never used it as I had a helmet however some people wore it out or around the hostel.

Other Items to Pack for Contiki Ski Austria

  • White/Bright clothing for the tight, white and bright night at the hostel.
  • 2 x Nice clothes for evenings out.
  • Snow Boots for tobogganing
  • Suncream
  • Swimwear – there is a sauna

Other Information

  • A towel can be purchased for a deposit of €10 (you get your money back when you give it back at the end of your stay)
  • If you lose your key card for your room they will charge you €20
  • Take a photo of your ski pass as proof. If you lose it they will only charge you €2 to get a new one. If you don’t you will have to pay for a new one which costs €259.

Additional Activities and What to pack for contiki ski austria

What to Wear Toboganning

Snow boots/Waterproof Boots (you can hire for €5 on the day).
I wore a long-sleeved ski top, fleece, ski jacket, ski pants and long thermal socks. If you have a go pro I would take it here with a chest/head mount. Also, bring your helmet with you.

What to Wear Paragliding

Your Ski Jacket, Normal shoes (you cannot wear ski boots but snowboarding boots are fine), ski pants, ski goggles, helmet (they provide if you don’t have one), fleece, gloves and thermal top and bottoms. It is very cold up there so wrap up warm. We were told we weren’t allowed to take a go pro however they video the footage which you can purchase afterwards for €25-29.

What to Wear Bobsledding

Normal ski gear with a fleece. Normal shoes. It last about a minute but the journey there and back takes an hour. You can leave stuff on the coach. I only took my phone and purse with me on the bobsleigh.

Events at the Contiki Ski Austria Hostel

  • Tight, White and Bright Night – Bring something bright, white or neon to stand out under the UV lights. This event is held in the bar of the hostel. You can purchase a Contiki neon top there for €10 if you wish.
  • Quiz Night, Schnapps Night – Normal/nicer clothing.

Other items to pack for contiki ski austria

Here is my Recommended Gear List with everything you need to pack on holiday. I always use this list to pack however depending on the holiday I only pack what I need. It just helps me so that I do not forget anything.

I hope this has helped with what to pack for Contiki Ski Austria. You are going to have the most amazing time. If you have any questions let me know.

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Peace and love always