Fairy Glen Wales things to know before you visit

by Holly Lavender
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What is Fairy Glen Wales?

Fairy Glen Wales, also known as Ffos Anoddun in Welsh is a mythical place in Betws y coed, North Wales. It has a beautiful waterfall cascading over large rocks which gives it a very mystical feel. Tourists have described it as a “secluded an enchanting gorge on the River Conwy.” There is also a river walk which does a loop of fairy glen. Picnic benches are available so make sure you bring a packed lunch with you. Fairy Glen Wales is situated in the stunning village of Betws-y-coed in Snowdonia National Park, North Wales.

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Fairy Glen Gorge

The fairy glen gorge is a must-see if you come to north wales. It is a beautiful place to visit even if you are short on time.

Fairy Glen Opening Times

Fairy Glen is open 24 hours a day and operates on an honesty box off-peak. I went late morning on a weekday when there was a lady asking for money at the entrance. As I believe Fairy Glen Wales is situated on private land and the lady looked like she lived in the nearby house by the entrance. I assume she owned the land.

Note: Make sure you have cash with you as there is no card payments.

Fairy Glen Waterfall

The main attraction in Fairy Glen Wales is the Fairy Glen Waterfall. Sadly when I went there wasn’t any rain and therefore the waterfall did not exit. I am not sure if there is a way to check this before you leave but I was a little disappointed. To get a good view of the waterfall you will need to climb some rocks and it can be a little treacherous if the weather has been bad.

Fairy Glen Walk

The fairy glen walk to the fairy glen waterfall is breathtaking. It is fairly easy however there are some steep steps to get to the bottom of the waterfall. It is a complete loop which I would recommend doing. Head to the waterfall first and then do the river side walk back around after.

Where is Fairy Glen Wales?

Fairy Glen is located in the village of Betws y Coed, North Wales. It is only accessible through private land just off the A470 road.

How to get to Fairy Glen Betws-y-coed North Wales?

The best way to get to Fairy Glen is by car. There is a car park on the left as you enter fairy glen. Be aware that there aren’t many spaces and it costs an extra £1 to park your car.

Address: Ffos Anoddun, A5, Betws-y-Coed LL24 0HF. See Below.

Fairy Glen is within walking distance from Betws y Coed bus station. It takes approx 20 minutes to walk. I’d recommend avoiding the A5 and A470 route as the A5 is the main road. (I made this mistake walking in.) Instead, walk down Ffordd Craiglan (next to the Cotswold Shop) it takes you straight to the entrance of Fairy Glen. It is a quiet road and you won’t need to keep giving way to cars.

Fairy Glen Betws-y-Coed North Wales Cost

It does cost to see Fairy Glen as it is situated on private land.
The cost is:
£1 for adults,
50p for children and
£1 for parking. Make sure you bring cash as there are no card payments.

Fairy Glen Wales History

Fairy Glen North Wales is a mystical place which is why it is a popular tourist attraction. It has inspired poets, writers and artists with its natural beauty. You can definitely get the vibe that mystical creatures and fairies have said to have lived here.

Things to know before you visit Fairy Glen Betws y coed north Wales

  • When you enter Fairy Glen the path is very straight and easy to walk. When you get closer to the gauge it can be quite treacherous. The rocks become unstable and are quite large to climb up. I would advise wearing hiking boots or stable shoes to avoid slipping. I wore trainers and slipped quite a few times.
  • There are no public toilets available. Make sure you go to the toilet before you come. You are in the middle of the woodland and immersed in nature.
  • Bring food and water with you. There are a few picnic benches along the riverwalk if you do decide you want a pit stop. The views along the river are glorious – I even managed to see some jumping fish.
  • Allow about an hour to fully take in everything at Fairy Glen. I would head to Fairy Glen first and then do the river walk after (it is a full loop which is perfect as it takes you back from where you started).

Fairy Glen Wales FAQ

How much does it cost to enter Fairy Glen Wales?

Adults £1
Children 50p
Parking £1

Are dogs allowed in Fairy Glen?

Yes provided that they remain on a lead.

How long is the walk around Fairy Glen Wales?

10-15 minutes to Fairy Glen. If you plan to do the river walk after, I would say around an hour if you plan to eat or relax en route.

Are there any toilets at Fairy Glen Betws-y-Coed

No there isn’t so make sure you go before you leave.

Can you swim in Fairy Glen Wales?


Can you swim in Fairy Glen Falls?


Where do you park in Fairy Glen Wales?

Fairy Glen has its own car park which costs £1 per vehicle.

How long is Fairy Glen Walk in Wales?

I would give an hour at least to walk to the falls and walk back along the river.

Other things to do when visiting Fairy Glen Wales

If you want food. I recommend the pizzeria in Betws y Coed. It is close to the bus station and the food is divine. Be aware that this place is incredibly popular and there may be a long wait time during peak hours. If pizza is not to your fancy there is a fish and chip shop called Nemo fish and chips. I was really craving fish and chips after my hike to Mount Snowdon so this was amazing. I walked to the river and ate it while watching fish, a great end to a fabulous day.

If you are a keen walker there are also many walks in Betws y Coed. These vary in distance and difficulty so there is something for everyone. You could always opt for sitting at the famous Point-y-pair bridge in Betws y coed – only a short walk from fairy glen north wales. These are where all the walks begin on the other side of the bridge. You may even be lucky and find an empty picnic bench.

If you have a car your options are endless but here is what I would recommend:

  • Visit Portmeirion – an Italian village in North Wales (I generally convinced my friends I was in Italy)
  • Wild swim at the Watkin Path Waterfall – a selection of waterfalls in North Wales
  • Find the Snowdonia Infinity Pool you may be able to see this when hiking Snowdon
  • Hike Mount Snowdon – there are a variety of different routes, I chose the hardest – crib goch
  • Visit Beddgelert for beautiful views and learn the history of the dog Gelert.

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