cheapest way from Heathrow to London

Cheapest Way from Heathrow to London for Budget Travellers

Cheapest Way from Heathrow to London

London can seem very daunting especially if it is your first time in the city. I have personally been to Heathrow many times and have tried different routes to get into the centre of London. Although London can be pricey I have given you a rundown on the cheapest easiest way from Heathrow to London for people on a budget.

Cheapest Way from Heathrow to London Tube

Let’s begin with the cheapest way to get into central London – the tube. You can hop on the tube at ANY terminal from Heathrow simply follow the signs to the Piccadilly line. It is so easy to find and the safest option in my opinion as the tube station is in the airport. You can pay for your ticket via a contactless card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. If you have none of these you can purchase a ticket from the machine.

I would use the contactless option for convenience and ease as when you tap out the other end it automatically charges you the set rate of your journey. Be sure to tap out to end your journey as you will be charged a full day rate on the tube if you don’t. There is no need to purchase a ticket and it is also cheaper to use the contactless option. In my opinion, there is no need to buy an Oyster card (the tube and bus travel card in London) it works exactly the same as a contactless card and the cost is the same.

Be aware that depending on which terminal you are at there may be a short wait time. It is never longer than 10 minutes but it is not as efficient as the other tube lines in central London.

Heathrow to London tube cost

Depending on where you are staying, the following costs are from Heathrow (zone 6) to Zone 1. If you are staying in zone 2-5 it will of course be slightly cheaper.

Heathrow (Zone 6) to Central London (Zone 1) costs:

Oyster/Contactless Payment Card

Adults: £5.30

Cheapest Way from Heathrow to London bus

I would only consider the bus if you are staying a short distance away from Heathrow airport. Although it may be cheap (only £1.55 for an hour bus ride) it will take you a long time to get anywhere in central. This is due to the airport being in Zone 6 (central London is considered zone 1). If you do decide to take the bus you do not need to tap out like the tube, although if you need to change buses you then have to tap in again, if it’s within the hour it will still only charge you £1.55.

Heathrow to Paddington Train

The Heathrow Express takes you from Heathrow to Paddington zone 1 in London in 15 minutes. It also comes every 15 minutes. It is convenient but can be quite costly.

Heathrow to London train cost

The only train from Heathrow to London is the Heathrow Express which takes you to Paddington. It costs £5.50-25. To get the cheapest rate book far in advance.
To book your ticket click here.

Cheapest way from Heathrow to London

To round things up I would suggest taking the tube. It is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to get into Central London (even though you may have to lug your luggage up some stairs in some tube stations.)

Uber is also a great option for convenience however it will cost you. You will need to pay the charge to pick up as the uber pickup spot is in the multi-story car park. It is easy to find and convent if you have a big family or have a lot of luggage.

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