Best Backpacking Backpacks for Travelling

by Holly Lavender
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So you want to start backpacking and the first thing you look at is a backpack. You do a little bit of research and find there are so many backpacks! Different brands and sizes and you say where the heck do I begin? I was you! I was ready to commit to my travelling and I honestly had no idea where to start. I’ve got you! Let’s begin with the best backpacking backpacks for complete beginner backpackers.

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best backpacking backpacks for travel

Let’s start with the capacity of your backpack. This may vary depending on how long you are travelling and where are you going? If it is a colder climate you will need more clothing and layer up. I know some people who travel for long periods of time (3 months or more) and only have a carry on backpack. Now I don’t know if it is being female or what but to me this is impossible. I do have a carry on backpack but I use it for shorter trips (up to a month). For my longer trips, I use my Osprey 70L Fairview backpack. This is the female version as the straps are designed for the female form however there is a male version of the Osprey 70L Farpoint which is pretty much the same.

What I love about my Osprey 70L Fairview is that there is a 13L detachable day bag. This is wonderful for day trips to the city. This backpack is the perfect size for me as I am a digital nomad and I have to carry all my tech in my bag well. I swear I have more tech than clothes (that is no exaggeration).

If you really are a thrifty traveller the maximum size you can take on as cabin luggage on most airlines is around the 40L mark, be sure to check the dimensions of the bag too as some airline criteria are different. My friend actually has the Osprey Fairview 40L backpack and loves that it fits everything as she never has to put her luggage on hold ever again. Just be aware that you will have to be aware of the 100ml liquid restrictions on your carry-on. This always screws me over like where am I supposed to put all my skincare? To save money by having checked luggage this may well be the best backpacking backpacks for budget travellers.

I would say Osprey is the best brand of backpacks I have personally used. They are a little pricey but for a reason, they last! My bag has been everywhere with me and it is still intact. There are cheaper backpacks out there but I would say purchase these at your own risk. I would hate for your backpack to break in the middle of nowhere where you have no option but to physically carry your belongings.

Other brands to look at are Vango, Eurohike, The North Face and Berghaus. I personally don’t have any experience with these but I have seen other backpackers use them.

Top Tip: Head to an outdoor store that has a variety of backpacks. Look at Go outdoors, Blacks or even independent outdoor shops and try all the backpacks on. They even put a weight in the backpack so you have a good idea of what it will feel like loaded up. Doing this helped me so much as you can physically see and feel the backpack as well as ask any questions you may have to the retail staff. Ask their opinion and what backpack they have.

The more you try on the better. Once you have your desired backpack do your research and find the cheapest store to get that backpack. Although Amazon is very convenient, I actually got my backpack from Go Outdoors and went through Quidco, an online cashback site where I got 4% off my purchase! Sign up here for Quidco to see what deals are on offer. They even give you £5 to sign up.

best backpacking backpacks for women

There are different types of backpacks available. Some are unisex, male or female. If you are a female look for female backpacks. Sometimes it is not clear by the name or looks that is for the female form. It should specify in the description of the product.

Why does it matter? I did a test when I was instore to see what the different fits were. I have been told that there wasn’t much difference however I found a huge difference when trying on the male and female versions.

The main difference was the curve of the straps. The female version curved around my breasts and was shorter than the male counterpart. I also found the hip belt the perfect height for me as the male version was far too low. Do note that I have 5ft 3in so if you are a taller female you may fit better with the male version. This is why it is best to try on the backpacks.

Thanks for reading the best backpacking backpacks and I hope you have found this useful. Let me know if you do purchase one and which one you went for.

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